This topic will demonstrate how to add both prescription and retail items to a sale in the Minfos Till. 

In order to create a sale you will require your clerk code, which was covered in the previous topic.

Create a sale

Now that you have your clerk code and can open the Minfos Till, you can ring up items for sale.

Video - Create a sale in Minfos

Watch the Video 
Learn to ring up both prescription and retail items for sale at the till in this video tutorial. 

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Sell a General Product

So far this topic has concentrated on how add non prescriptions items to a sale by scanning or searching by product description. 

However, at times you may find that items do not scan and cannot be found in your product database by description. In order to add such items to a sale the General 301 ex. GST or General 300 inc. GST stock cards may be used.

This enables you to sell the items to the waiting customer, and correct the products later that day. 

The General 301 or 300 GP products should not be used to sell a bargain bin item, discontinued or short dated items and prescriptions.

Video - Sell a General Product

Watch the Video 
Learn to use the General 301 ex. GST and General 300 inc. GST stock cards to sell products that cannot be found by product description or barcode.

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