A pharmacist requires a password to dispense an ePrescription (how often that password is required to be entered is configurable, refer to Pharmacist Password Configuration) and, depending on your pharmacy’s configuration, may be required to view a patient’s My Health Record. 

A Pharmacist’s password is only valid for a maximum of 90 days inclusive. The same password cannot be used consecutively.

Minfos’ user security manages which users have access to Pharmacist Maintenance and their level of control. Admin level is required to add a pharmacist, de-activate and re-active a pharmacist and assist pharmacists with managing their passwords.   

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Pharmacist Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacist Maintenance window

  1. Click Add to add a new pharmacist.
  2. Click Change to edit an existing pharmacist.
  3. Click Delete to delete an unused pharmacist. If the Pharmacist has been saved against a script record they cannot be deleted. To de-activate a pharmacist, select Change to edit the record and uncheck the Active checkbox.
  4. Click Sort to adjust the sort order, the current sort order is displayed.
  5. Click Find to find a pharmacist in Pharmacist Maintenance. The Search criteria is dependent on the sort order.
  6. Check List All to display all pharmacists, including de-activated entries.
  7. Click Print to print the current list of entries.
  8. Highlight an entry and click Switch Names if the pharmacist has been added with the Surname in the First Name field or vice versa.
  9. Click Cancel to close Pharmacist Maintenance.