Medications can be added to the Virtual Pillbox in several ways:

  • Medications that are added to a patients packing profile are automatically added to the Virtual Pillbox with a quantity of zero. 
  • Medications are sent to the Virtual Pillbox directly from dispense using the Z. Pill Box option on the script options window.  
  • Using the Add Drug button at the bottom of the window.

1. Click the Add Drug button or [Alt] + [A] to open the Add Drug window.

 The Add Drug window is displayed.

2. Enter the drug to be added into the Drug Name field and enter a quantity into the Adjust Balance field.

3. A comment should be entered into the Comment field to explain the reason for the manual addition.

4. A script number may be entered into the Script No. field.

5. Click the Save button to save your work and the Close button to close the window.