1. Click Virtual Pillbox from the vertical tab to display the Virtual Pillbox main window. All patients that have a Virtual Pillbox will be displayed. You can also choose to display the VPBs for one of your care Facilities.

2. Click on a patient to highlight, then click the View Virtual Pillbox button or [Alt] + [E] or double click the patient.

The Virtual Pillbox for that patient is displayed.

Refer to the image above for the following features.



a. Deleted

Tick this checkbox to include deleted drugs.

b. Drug Name

The drug name that displays in the Virtual Pillbox is the same name from the patient’s packing profile.

c. Active Ingredients

The active ingredients of the drug.

d. Updated

The date the change of balance occurred.

e. Balance

The patient’s drug balance.

f. View History     

[Alt + H]

View the history of balance adjustments of a drug.

g. Print     

[Alt + P]

Print the window contents.

h. Add Drug     

[Alt + A]

Opens the Add Drug window. Will add a drug to the VPB

i. View Insufficient Stock [Alt + V]

Opens the View Insufficient Stock window.

j. Close    

[Alt + C]

Close the window.

Note Drugs with the same generic form strength are grouped together under the Brand name from the Packing Profile. For example, if a different brand is dispensed to the packing profile, the displayed Balance is the total for all brands.

Watch DoseAid Packing video - Virtual Pillbox and DoseAid Packing video - Insufficient Stock & Quick Dispense

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