At Minfos, we understand just how difficult it is for pharmacy owners and staff to find time for the many kinds of training that pharmacy demands. We know that learning about Minfos is just part of the training that you and your team need to make time for.

That's why Minfos has chosen to introduce learning pathways.

By tailoring training material to the needs of the most common tasks and roles within community pharmacy, we aim to reduce the time and effort required to upskill your new or existing staff, while providing the knowledge and skills needed to confidently use Minfos. 

What is a learning pathway?

A learning pathway is a series of activities, lessons or topics structured in such a way that each topic builds on the information previously learned. 

Each Minfos learning pathway begins with an overview of exactly what will be covered, and is accompanied by a checklist that you can print or save to track your progress. 

Minfos learning pathways provides the freedom to move through the training materials at the time, place and pace of your choosing.

How can I access the learning pathways?

1. You are able to access the Minfos Learning Pathways without being signed in to the Minfos Help Centre.

From the Minfos Help Centre homepage, click the View all topics button.

2. Click the Learning Pathways icon.

3. Select the Learning Pathway you would like to explore.