In the Minfos Dispense Form you can search for a customer. If there are no results for your search, the Customer Entry window is displayed. Alternately, you can click Add to add the customer.

Refer to the image below for the following directions.

1. Enter the following details, press[Tab] to move through the fields.

a. Patient’s First Names
b. Patient’s Surname
c. Patient’s Title
d. Patient’s Gender - this will pre-populate for some Titles entered.
e. Patient’s Street address.
f. Patient’s Suburb.
g. Click Find to search for the suburb, this will automatically input the State and Post Code or
h. Select the State from the dropdown box.
i. Patient’s Post Code.
j. Patient’s Home Phone.
k. Patient’s Work phone, if required.
l. The patients preferred Doctor using their prescriber code.
m. Medicare number, expiry date and ensure the consent is set to All Scripts.
n. Concession number and expiry date.
o. Safety Net number and expiry date.
p. Repat numbers, expiry date and the repat type, if applicable - ensure the Type is set correctly.
q. Name of Health Fund, health fund numbers and expiry dates.
r. Customer Carer and Carer Name, if applicable. A Ward and Bed Number, if applicable.
s. Check the Account Customer checkbox if the customer will have a store account. It is not recommended that this checkbox be checked at this stage.
t. Select the Co-payment Status of the customer, using the pharmacy default, opting the customer in or opting the customer out.
u. The IHI number, if applicable.
v. Check the Scripts on File checkbox, if applicable.
w. If the Patients Preferred Name and Medicare Name differ, ensure the names are entered in the correct fields.
x. Select the Customer Type from the dropdown box.
y. Enter the customer’s Birth Date.
z. Check the Pregnant checkbox if applicable – this will need to be manually unchecked in the future.

2. Click Okay to save and continue dispensing to this customer.