When you defer a script from the claim, the script moves to the current claim, which means you can only defer scripts from an open or closed claim.

The script is still shown in the Edit Claim window for the original claim, but it has the red "C" icon , to show it was cancelled for the selected claim.

To defer a script to the current claim:

1. In the Edit Claim window, click a script that you want to defer, to highlight it.

2. Click Defer.

Note: The Defer button is inactive when you’re editing the current claim as you cannot defer a script from the current claim.

The Defer Script prompt is displayed.

3. Click Yes to defer the script to your current claim.

The Reprint Label prompt is displayed.

 4. Click Yes to print the script label with the new serial number.

Alternatively, click No to continue without reprinting the script label.

5. The script is re-serialised and deferred to the current claim. The script is also shown in the Edit Claim window for the original claim with the red "C" icon .