If your pharmacy regularly offers the co-payment discount to customers, you can set up a default co‑payment discount configuration so that the discount is applied to all eligible scripts you dispense.

When you set up your co-payment discount to apply to all eligible scripts, you can still choose to not apply the discount to an individual script by unchecking the Co-Pay] check box on the dispensing screen.

The default Co-Payment behaviour can be set separately for Concessional and General scripts. This setting will apply when dispensing applicable scripts if the customer has no other co-payment rule applied, e.g. nursing home or customer specific scripts.

The options include:

  • Default Off - All
  • Default On - All
  • Default On - Concessional only
  • Default On - General only

To set up the co-payment discount to apply to all eligible scripts:

1. On the Dispense Pro screen, click the Configuration icon.

The Configuration window is displayed, with the Pharmacy tab open.

2. Click the Printing/Pricing tab.

3. In the Pricing group box, click the Co-Payment Discount drop-down list:

  • Click Default off – All
  • Click Default on – All    
  • Click Default on – Concessional Only
  • Click Default on – General Only


4. Click OK, to save your default co-payment discount configuration.

On the Dispensing screen, the Co-Pay] check box is checked by default. For all eligible scripts, the co‑payment discount is applied to the price paid by the customer and the GP% is adjusted.