An automatic software update will take place after trade during the End of Day process.  As part of End of Day, Minfos will automatically update the software.

Note: Please ensure you have closed all Minfos applications at the end of trade so that a Minfos Software update can take place.

1. Set up automatic software updates

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

2. On the Minfos Utilities window, click the Shop Configuration icon.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

The Automatic Software Update tab is selected by default.

3. Select the Enable Automatic Software Updates checkbox.


2. Close all open connections

Ensure there are zero connections to your Minfos Server.

 Close all Minfos applications (except for the Minfos Server) that are running. Some applications to consider are:

  • Dispense
  • Till
  • Minfos Automation Manager
  • PBS Online
  • PDA Wireless Server
  • Multistore Comms
  • Minfos Back Office Service Manager


Locating open connections

You can easily check for open connections and locate the Station number running these connections.

1. On your pharmacy's back office server station, ensure that the Minfos Server application is running. Ensure that the Connections text box displays 0. This means that Minfos is not running on any of your stations.

2. If you find open connections, you can locate the Station with the open connections.

3. Left mouse click on the Minfos logo in the upper left of the Minfos Server window and select Show Threads.

The Threads window will display, showing a list of open connections and the Station number of the machine with the open connections. In the example below, Station number 99 has three open connections.

4. After closing down all open connections, the Automatic Update will take place after trade during the End of Day process.

3. Check your Minfos version

When you update your Minfos software, a prompt will display when the first terminal is logged into after the update to inform you that the update was successful.

The Release Notes for this software are easily accessible from the prompt by clicking the link.

1. Your current Minfos version is displayed at the bottom of the screen in each Minfos module.

2. For future reference, the link to the Release Notes can found in the Help menu. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Help menu and select Release Notes to display the Release Notes for the new version of Minfos.