Minfos Notifier is an application that displays all Minfos notifications that are sent to your email.

The application is located in the system tray and automatically displays messages on the bottom right corner of the computer screen. Minfos Notifier provides you with a convenient way to stay up to date with Minfos notifications, including new software releases, PBS outages and new supplier updates without having to navigate to your email.

You can set up Notifier to display on any of your terminals, making information more accessible to staff.

Note: The System Tray is located in the Windows taskbar (usually at the bottom next to the clock) and contains small icons for easy access to system functions such as fax, printer, modem, volume and more. For Windows 10, click the small triangle icon on the right side of the taskbar to open the System Tray.


  • Access to the notifier.exe file.
  • Local administrator rights on each computer the application is to be installed.


1. Download the file notifier.exe from the link https://software.minfos.com.au/minfos-notifier/minfos-feed-notifier-2.6.exe 

2. Double-click on this file install on all computers that require Notifier.

3. The Setup – Feed Notifier window is displayed. Leave the default selection as is.

4. Click the Next button.

The Ready to Install window is displayed.

5. Click the Install button to begin installation.

6. Click the Finish button.

7. Minfos Notifier is displayed and shows the most recent message.


Use Minfos Notifier

1. In your System Tray, right-click on the orange Minfos Notifier icon. 

For Windows 10 this appears as below:

2. By default, Notifier will check for messages from Minfos every 30 minutes and automatically display any available notifications. Refer to Setting Notifier Preferences to change this interval.

a. Click on the message name to open the entire message in your web browser.

b. Scroll through the First, Previous, Next and Last messages by clicking the navigation buttons.

3. Close the message box by clicking the Close icon in the top right corner.

4. To open Notifier to read any past notification, click the Notifier icon in the system tray to open Notifier.

Set Notifier Preferences

Minfos Notifier settings can be customised to your likingFor example, you can control how long a message should display and where on your monitor it is displayed.

1. Right click on the Notifier icon in the System Tray and choose Preferences.


2. Click the Feeds tab.

3. Double-click the Minfos Notifications line to open the Edit window.

4. Select a value from the Polling Interval selection box to specify how often you would like Notifier to check for emails from Minfos items.

5. Click OK to close the Edit window.

6. Click the Pop-ups tab. The Behaviour and Appearance of Notifier can be changed in these two group boxes.

a. Behaviour

  1. Duration: Sets the length of time of the Notifier display or select Infinite duration. 
  2. Infinite duration: Displays Notifier until the Close icon   on the message box is clicked.
  3. Wait if hovering: Continues to display the prompt past the duration if the mouse is hovering over it.
  4. Sound notification: Will sound a system tone when a Minfos notification is received.
  5. Stay on top: Will always present Minfos notifications on top of other open windows.

 b. Appearance

  1. Here you can change the appearance of Notifier and its display position. 

7. Click the Options icon.

8. Caching specifies the number of days of messages you wish to retain. Selecting this option allows you to scroll back through the messages received within the defined number of days. Click the Clear button to clear the messages.

9. Click the OK button to save your changes, or the Cancel button to cancel changes and close the window.