There are two ways a set sales price promotion can be set up.

  • Single price point: Select a range of products to be set at the same price. For example: Red sticker items $2 each
  • Multiple price points: Select a range of products and scan them at a different price range. For example: Red sticker items $2, $5 and $10 each

Add a promotion

From the Promo Manager module:

1. Click the Promotions menu and select 1. Promotion Maintenance or click the Promotion Maintenance icon.

The Promotion setup window is displayed.

2. From the Enquiry group box, select the New radio button and click Next.The Promotion Enquiry - Add Promotions window is displayed.

3. Click Add to create a new promotion.The Promotion maintenance - Add window is displayed.

4. Enter the promotion information:

a. Loyalty promotions – non-editable textbox.

b. Promotion Type – select 0. Set Sales Price.

c. Promotion Name – enter a name for the promotion. This name will be shown for your reference in the Promotions module.

d. Promotion Description – enter short description, this can also be the same as the Promotion Name. This description will display in the Promotions module.

e. Promotion Code – non-editable textbox. An automatically-generated code that Minfos uses to identify saved promotions.

g. Start Date and End Date – enter the promotion’s active date range. The promotion will automatically start and end on these dates.

g. Apply promotion more than once to sale basket:

  1. Leave the checkbox checked to receive the promotional discount multiple times in a single transaction or,
  2. Uncheck the checkbox to only receive a single promotional discount in a transaction.

h. Enable manual discount:

  1. Leave the checkbox unchecked to disable any further discount at the Till or,
  2. Check the checkbox to allow further discounts at the Till.

Note: By default, products on promotion cannot be discounted manually. To enable a product to be discounted manually, ensure it as flagged as discountable in the stock card. Till Preferences need to be set to Stack Manual Discounts.

5. Click Next.

The Promotion maintenance - Add <Promotion Name> <Set sales price> window is displayed.

6. Click Range or Next to add products to the promotion (both options will open the same window).

The Promotion maintenance product - Add <Promotion Name> window is displayed.

7. Refer to Add products to a Set Sales Price promotion.