Wholesaler updates add new product information and update existing product details, such as supplier PDE, barcodes, shelf pack values and retail units. This update will not change your current product description, retail pricing or current unit costs. The content within the wholesaler update is sourced directly from the Wholesaler.

It is recommended that you apply automatic updates for your preferred wholesaler. This will ensure you get the most current wholesaler product information as it becomes available.

If you choose to continue to apply your wholesaler updates manually, we recommend that these are applied monthly to ensure your Minfos database contains current product information from the relevant wholesaler.

The following procedure can be applied for the wholesalers below: 

  • Symbion Pty Ltd (06080)
  • A.P.I Retail File (01163)
  • Sigma Company Ltd (19090).
  • Terry White Chemmart Management (20062) (If applicable)

How to apply a manual wholesaler update

1. Select the wholesaler from the Manage Wholesaler Updates window.

Wholesalers not configured for auto updates are displayed in black with a green ‘   ’ icon.

2. From the Wholesaler Update Configuration window, review and apply the options you require to import.

3. Select OK to save.

4. From the Manage Wholesaler Updates window, ensure the wholesaler is selected.

5. Click the Apply Update button.

The update will be applied immediately.

6. Click Cancel to close.

Wholesaler Update Options


Update Retail Units

Select the Update Retail Units check box when collecting the wholesaler updates for Symbion Pty Ltd. 

This will update retail units (carton quantities) with the retail units in the wholesaler updates - any carton quantities which you have previously changed will be overwritten.
Symbion is the only wholesaler which supplies this information.
It is recommended to select this checkbox.

Update Shelf Packs

Selecting the Update Shelf Packs checkbox will update the shelf pack quantity against the supplier information in each product stock card. This quantity is the quantity in which the warehouse packs the stock and this information is imported when the wholesaler update is collected.
It is recommended to select this checkbox.

Apply GST Flags

Selecting Apply GST Flags will apply GST on sales and the GST on purchases flags against each product stock card imported in the wholesaler update. The GST flags are defined by the supplier and are the responsibility of the store.
It is recommended to select this checkbox.