Direct Supplier MNPN updates will add new product information, update existing product descriptions and supplier details, such as PDE and barcodes. These updates do not change retail or cost prices.

Suppliers configured for Automatic updates are displayed in blue with a blue  icon.

Set up automatic Direct Supplier MNPN updates

From Stock Manager

1. Click the File menu, click 7. MNPN Updates and select 1. Supplier MNPN Updates.

The Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window is displayed.

2. Check the list for the required supplier update, if found highlight the supplier, click Change and skip to step 5 of this article.

3. If not found, click Add.

The Supplier MNPN Update Configuration - Add window is displayed.

4. Enter the supplier code or the name of the supplier you wish to set up automatic updates for e.g. ‘02120’ or ‘Blackmores’.

5. From the Type dropdown box select Automatic Update.6. Select the checkboxes for the Update Options you wish to apply each time the Blackmores MNPN Update is imported. Refer to Supplier MNPN Update Options for more information.

Note: The Update Product Names option is not available for TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacies, as Product Names are updated via The Hub.

6. Click OK to save.

The Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window is displayed and ‘02120 Blackmores’ now has an '' icon and is displayed in Blue to identify that automatic updates have been set up.

  • The Blackmores MNPN update will be collected overnight automatically when Minfos Database make an update available
  • Once an update has been applied, the Date Last Run and the Time Last Run columns are updated. The Last Run Results in the Supplier MNPN Update Configuration window is also updated

7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for all direct suppliers.

8. Click Cancel on the Manage Supplier MNPN Updates window to close.