This process should not be completed by pharmacies who have been using Minfos for less than 12 months.

This process applies to the 3 main Wholesalers:

  • Symbion (06080)
  • Sigma (19090)   
  • A.P.I (01163)

Check the date the wholesaler update was last run

1. From Stock Manager, click File.

2. Click A. Wholesaler Updates.

The Manage Wholesaler Updates window is displayed.

3. Record the Date Last Run date next to the corresponding wholesaler on the Duplicate PDE report. The date that is used for clearing the Wholesaler, should be at least one month prior to the date the update was run.

4. Click Cancel to close.

Note: If the wholesaler update has never been run and your store does not purchase from the wholesaler, the Z. Clear date can be tomorrows date.

Clear old products from the wholesaler

1. From Stock Manager, click Supplier Products.

The Supplier Search window is displayed.

2. Click Find.

The Search window is displayed.

3. Enter the name of the Wholesaler that your pharmacy uses and then click Okay.

The Supplier Search window is displayed.

4. Highlight the wholesaler’s name, then click Okay.

The Supplier Product Maintenance window is displayed.

5. Click z. Clear.

The Clear Old Supplier Records window is displayed.

6. The date that should be entered into the Clear Date text box, should be at least one month prior to the Last Run Date.

If the incorrect date is entered here, the supplier may be removed from products the supplier still supplies. This could affect ordering and invoicing. Ensure you use a date that is at least one month prior to last run date.

7. Check the Continue check box.

8. Click Okay.

The Delete Current Supplier window is displayed.

9. Click Yes to remove the supplier from products that supplier no longer supplies in your database.

This process does not delete any products from your database.

The clear process may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the supplier.

10. The Notification window is displayed.

11. Click Okay, to return to the Supplier Product Maintenance window.

The Supplier Product Maintenance window will not update, until you exit.

12. Press Cancel, to close the Supplier Product Maintenance window.

13. Repeat steps 1 to 11 for all wholesalers your pharmacy uses that are listed on the Duplicate PDE report.

14. Proceed to Remove Duplicate PDEs: Step 5 - Update any incorrect PDEs.