Stores that provide a hiring service to their customers are required to enter each individual product into the Minfos Database. These products are unique to each store and need to be maintained at a store level.

  • Multi-Store groups can choose to maintain these hire products at a Head Office or store level.
  • Stores that are part of a multi-store are advised to contact their head office to ensure they are following the correct process.

990 Hire Deposit product

For all hire products to be correctly created and processed at the Till, each hire product requires that your Minfos database contains product “990 Hire Deposits.

To ensure that your database contains 990 Hire Deposits, complete the following steps:

1. On the Minfos Stock Manager window, click the Product Maintenance icon.

2. Click Find.

3. Search for 990 in the Name, Barcode, Product No. or PDE text box and click Okay.

Note: If you are unable to locate “990 Hire Deposits”, you cannot continue with this process. Please log a ticket to request assistance from the Minfos Support Team.
4. Select Enquire on the product and ensure the following details are correct:

  • Barcode shows 990.
  • Product Type shows 5. Deposit.
  • MNPN shows 990.

5. If all details are correct, select Okay to continue to Create a Hire Product.
6. If the Barcode, Product Type or MNPN are incorrect, please log a ticket to request assistance from the Minfos Support Team.