For products remaining on the Merge window which cannot be actioned as both the master and slave products have a SOH or similar Last Purchased dates, it is recommended that you take note of the Product Number or a screen shot of the merge window to complete these merges manually in Product Maintenance.

1. If there are only one or two merges that require further investigation, note down both products MNPN numbers, and go into Product Maintenance to check the details and then merge.

The lower MNPN number should always be the Master product.

2. If there are a number of merges that require further investigation, follow the instructions below on how to take a screenshot and print this window.

Print a screenshot of the Product Merges window

In order to merge the products, you will need to print a screenshot of the Product Merges window. Alternatively you may wish to use a tool such as Snipping Tool.

1. From Minfos Stock Manager, click Products menu.

2. Click A. Product Merges.

The Product Merges window is displayed.

3. Press [Alt + Print Screen] to take a screenshot of the Product Merges window.

4. Click Cancel to close the window.

5. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word or WordPad.

6. Press [Ctrl + V] to paste the screenshot into the document.

7. Change the orientation of the document to fit the screenshot on the page.

8. Print the document if required.

9. Refer to Merge Products from Product Maintenance for further guidance.