If you have not updated your Shop Configuration to auto-import the merge file, you will be required to manually import the merge file at least monthly to review and apply any new merges.

Video demonstration

Step by step instructions

1. From Stock Manager, click the File menu, 7. MNPN Updates and select 2. Product Merge Import.

The Product Merge Import window is displayed.

2. Click Import File.

The Import File window is displayed.

3. Click Yes to download the file, or No to cancel.

The Import File window is displayed.

4. Click Yes to View and action the merges now. 

5. Click No to close the Import File window, then Cancel to close the Product Merge Import window. 

Note: If the merges are not actioned, each morning the first time Stock Manager is opened the Products Merges Available window will be displayed.


Click Yes to open the Product Merges window to action the merges.


Click No to close the prompt and action the merges later.

Minfos recommends performing merges as quickly as possible to ensure your database is up to date. Refer to Action MNPN Product Merges for guidance.