When products are merged in the Minfos Master Database a record of each merge is kept and is provided to stores on a monthly basis. Stores need to import and merge these items to ensure a clean database and assist with accurate ordering and stock on hand. 

Some key terms associated with product merges are:

  • MNPN -  The Minfos National Product Number
  • Master -  The stock card that will remain in the database
  • Slave -  The stock card that will be merged into the Master stock card
  • SOH -  stock on hand

This file can be set to collect automatically, or a user may collect the file manually. 

After the file has been collected the merges still need to be actioned. You may choose to set up the Apply Automatic Product Merges option, and some merges will automatically take place after the merge file has been collected. Alternatively, you can choose to merge the products manually.

Products that qualify for an Automatic Merge

  • Where both the Master and the Slave products are marked as Not Stocked, the Master product has a SOH value of zero and the slave product has a SOH value of zero or a negative value.
  • Where the Master product is marked as Stocked with a SOH of any value and the Slave product is marked as Not Stocked with a SOH value of zero or a negative value.
  • Neither the Master nor the Slave product are marked as a Drug.
  • Both the Master and the Slave products are of the same Product type.

As a result of an automatic merge

  • None of the Slave product’s attributes (which are normally options when performing a manual merge) will be applied to the Master Product - with the exception of the Slave’s alternate barcodes.
  • The SOH will be combined and updated to the Master product
  • The sales and purchases will be combined and display against the Master.

Products that do not qualify for automatic merging and will be required to merge manually

  • Both the Master and Slave Products are marked as Stocked.
  • Either the Master or Slave Products are flagged as a Drug.
  • The Master product is marked as stocked with a SOH of any value and the Slave Product is marked as Not Stocked but has a SOH value of 1 or more.
  • Where the merge will result in the Alternate barcode limit being exceeded (64 barcodes).
  • The Master and the Slave products are different Product types
  • Where either the Master or the Slave product exists in a Packing Profile.
  • The Slave product is a service that has been configured for Automatic Account charges.

Important notes

  • Automatic Merges will NOT take place in a Multistore Head Office database.
  • If the slave product is marked as a drug, it cannot be merged until the drug flag has been removed, this should take place after the next dispense update, which will occur at the end of the month.
  • All auto-merged & manually products will be displayed in the Product Audit report, when the merges option is selected. 
  • The terms Master and Slave have no relation to the Multistore Head Office/Store relationship. For Multistore groups, the merge file is collected and actioned by head office. Once actioned by Head Office, the slave stores only need to open and action the merges, they do not need to import the merge file.