This section details some of the errors that may be encountered when using CO, and the potential causes for these errors.

One of my stores is not shown when I create or generate an order

If the store name is not shown in the Store selection list, please log a call with Minfos support.

None of my stores are shown when I create or generate an order

If CO does not show any stores when creating or generating an order, ensure that:

  • The internet is connected
  • The Minfos server is running  
  • Midas is enabled and running
    • Midas is also used for other Minfos functions, for example, electronic DD register integrations and branded loyalty systems. If these functions are currently running without any issues, then Midas is enabled and running.
    • If these Minfos functions are not used and assistance is required to check if Midas is enabled, log a call with Minfos support.


I have generated an order but it contains no products

If a generated order displays no products, ensure that:

  • If the order is a top-up order, the minimum shelf hold value of the product is set at the store.

 If generated orders continue to contain no products, please log a call with Minfos support.

My generated order contains too many or too few products

If the generated order contains significantly more or fewer products than expected, check the following settings for that store:

  • Minimum/Maximum shelf hold quantity set in Minfos
  • Minimum order quantity set in Minfos
  • Supplier’s retail units recorded correctly
  • Correct stock on hand and no duplicate products

 If issues persist with the number of products in the order, please log a call with Minfos support. 

I want to order for a locally maintained (non-MNPN) product

To place an order for a locally maintained product:

  • Add the product via the multistore head office or the Minfos MDB team.
  • Place the order via the store using the existing Order processes 

The order I issued/sent has a Failed status

The reason of order in failed status is shown on the order details window under Failure message:

  • Review the failure message.
  • Perform the check mentioned in the message.
  • Once the check is addressed, you can try to resend the message.
  • A failed order can be deleted, re-sent/re-issued or can be redirected to another supplier.