1. Take a new Loyalty card.

2. Enter your clerk code In the Clerk Code text box on the till.

3. Press Add Member.

The till prompts for the scanning of a new Loyalty card.

4. Scan the new Loyalty card.

The number of the Loyalty card is then displayed in the Loyalty Card text box.

 5. Press Enter.  The Add Member window is displayed.

6. Enter the customer’s contact details.

Note: Entry of member details can be set to either mandatory or optional by your loyalty administrator.
  • Phone # - Enter the phone number, including the area code, if applicable. The phone number will be validated and a prompt will display if an invalid number has been entered
  • Email Address 
  • Gender - This is a toggle button. Press to select a gender
  • Title - Select from: Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss, Dr or Other (default)
  • DOB - The customer’s date of birth, in dd/mm/yyyy format
  • First Name   
  • Surname   
  • Unit #   
  • Street #   
  • Street name - Enter the street name or, if adding the street type, do not abbreviate, e.g. enter Lewis Street not Lewis St. Abbreviated street types will interfere with the validation.
  • Suburb   
  • State - The State drop down list is blank by default
  • P/Code  (mandatory)

7. Enter the mandatory address details and press Enter.

8. Select a valid address from the list of suggestions or select Match not found, continue if the address you require is not displayed.

9. Press Enter.

The Customer Consent Confirmation prompt is displayed.

10. Ask the customer if they consent to their personal details being recorded as a part of the Loyalty program.

Press Confirm after the customer has granted their consent for the collection of their personal information.
Alternatively, press Cancel to abandon adding the customer as a loyalty member.

If details have not been entered in one or more mandatory fields, this Notification prompt is displayed:

11. Press OK to return to the Add Member window.

Enter details in all mandatory fields marked by an asterisk, then press [Enter].

The card is then activated, and the Loyalty account is created.
The customer’s new Loyalty details are shown on the till.

12. Give the Loyalty card to the customer.

13. Continue to scan products to add to the sale.