1. From Stock Manager, click the Product Maintenance icon.

The Product Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Add. The Product Entry window is displayed.

3. Enter the details of your service.

  • In the Name textbox, enter the name of your service; for example, enter “Webster packing fee“.
  • Click the Product Type dropdown list, then click 7. Services.
  • In the Retail Price textbox, enter a retail price for your service.
Note: If the stockcard has been incorrectly set up as a product, you cannot change the product type to Service. Delete or discontinue the erroneous stock card and create a new service stock card.

4. Select the relevant GST checkboxes to select your GST settings.

5. Click the Categories tab, then enter a reporting category for your service. Choose from either Department, I.E.U., Class or Location.

6. Click OK to save the service. The service is added to your Minfos database.