This report displays all account balances as at the balance date for all A.R Customers, including stock transfer accounts.

  1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Receivables icon.
  2. Click the Reports menu and select 1. Customer and click 4. Debtors Report.

The Debtors Reports window is displayed.

  1. This defaults to the stores Business name and cannot be changed.
  2. Enter the Balance Date required to be reported on. (This date is usually dependant on the trading terms for each store).
  3. Select one of the following options from the Sort Order drop down box.
    1. 1. Customer Code
    2. 2. Customer Name
    3. 3. Category then Customer Code
    4. 4.Category then Customer Name
  4. The Skip Negatives checkbox is de-selected by default and will display any negative balances in the report. Selecting this checkbox will ignore any debtors with negative balances.

The Debtors Report is displayed.