Software Updates

This release contains a change that may take up to 25 minutes for the 7.7.2 software update to apply. We strongly recommend performing an automatic update that runs as part of the End-of-Day (EOD) process to avoid any delays during trading hours. Refer to Automatic Software Updates to learn how to set this up.


All electronic script data will be via eRx

In 7.7.1, all electronic script data was moved to flow via eRx as part of the transition to the national Prescription Delivery Service (PDS) provider.

Some pharmacies that utilised both eRx and MediSecure experienced issues with this transition in particular when attempting to edit or delete a script previously dispensed via MediSecure. Support may have reactivated MediSecure at your pharmacy at this time to help alleviate the issue.
After consultation with eRx this has been confirmed as a known issue with interoperability where, unfortunately, a script dispensed via one PDS cannot be edited or deleted via a different PDS. There is not a solution to resolve this issue.

What this means:

  • As part of 7.7.2 all electronic script data will be channelled via eRx as the national PDS provider
  • If you attempt to edit or delete a script dispensed previously via MediSecure:
    • eScript error responses will display as Error Code of "MFSERR" and a description of 'Unknown Error'
    • Editing a script will only change the data for the prescription locally and will not be uploaded to the PDS for future dispensing of any repeats
    • Deleting the script will only delete the prescription locally and will not reactivate the script for re-dispensing. The patient may need to get a new script
  • If you receive an E99013 error, this can be ignored. This is an issue with interoperability between PDS providers but will not impact your ability to dispense and supply the prescription.
Updated error message when eScripts cannot be dispensed as no SCIDS are available

In some circumstances an ePrescription cannot be dispensed as there are no Script IDs (SCIDs) available on that workstation, SCIDS are required for dispensing. Commonly this SCID depletion is caused by a connection issue with a firewall, antivirus or DNS configurations. Your Hardware Vendor is needed to fix the issue.

Therefore, we have updated the ePrescription cannot be dispensed as no SCIDs are available prompt to assist you with troubleshooting:

A screenshot of a computer error

Description automatically generated

Manage the order of the Quick Dispense Queue

In version 7.6.2 we changed the order of the Quick Dispense Queue to match the order that the packing software sent it through to Minfos.

Based on your feedback, we have added a new configuration allowing you to control whether the order is alphabetically by customer name or controlled by your packing software. Scripts dispensed via Quick Dispense will dispense in the order of the queue.

To queue your scripts alphabetically

From Shop Configuration:

1. Click the Packing tab.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

2. Check the Queue alphabetically by Customer checkbox.

3. Click OK to save and close.

The Quick Dispense Queue will now be in alphabetical order.

Refer to Manage the order of the Quick Dispense Queue for more information.

Stock Manager

Automatic Product Deleter utility

The automatic Product Deleter utility, introduced to run during the EOD process in our 7.6.2 release, has been updated and will now retain products added to the database for up to six months (previously three months). The first iteration of automating Product Deleter was to give your database a thorough cleanse of unused products. By extending the period in the second iteration it will now reduce the number of items being deleted and re-added by product updates.


Update Manager

When an un-subscribed pharmacy has been removed from a Multi-store group by Minfos Support:

  • The pharmacy will no longer be displayed in the list of Publications in Update Manager at the Head Office
  • The Head Office will no longer be displayed in the list of Subscriptions in Update Manager at the removed pharmacy

Resolved Issues

  1. The Authority Approval number will no longer be prefilled with leading zeros, causing PBS rejections.
  2. The Safety Net Contribution will be accumulated upon editing a script from Entitlement to Concession.
  3. Editing a script close to the Entitlement threshold will no longer prompt to issue a Safety Net card.
  4. Scripts that are charged to the Virtual Pill Box via Auto Invoice will now update the pillbox quantity correctly.
  5. Scripts dispensed to patients assigned to a Compliant HMC Hospital will not be subjected to Safety Net Consequences. The Safety Net Consequences/Reg 25 prompt has been changed to a Reg 25 prompt.
  6. NRMC items dispensed via Quick Dispense will now check the configuration ‘Print Dispense Label with Claim Form?’ before printing a label.
  7. Using Clear pricing for Extemporaneous item will reset the Total Price correctly.
  8. Selecting an item with a different PBS Code will no longer display the Conflict with Previous Script prompt.
  9. The Repeat tab on the eScript Details window will now display for repeat dispensings of an eScript.
  10. Pharmacies previously set with MediSecure as the default ePrescription vendor will now generate eRx repeats when receiving owing scripts.
Stock Manager
  1. The Order Filter Detail window can no longer be opened by using the keyboard shortcut if the Filter button is not enabled.
  2. The headings on the Loyalty Product Information report are now correct.
  3. The New RP, New GP% and New GP$ columns will longer be populated in Price Manager if the GP% is set to 0.
  1. The UCI field against the Customer has been limited to 1999999999 to avoid entering a value that is too large.
  2. The correct Bankwest code, BWA, will now be included to the Direct Debit ABA file.
Centralised Customer Accounts
  1. Third Party packing will no longer appear with Less Adjustments in the Head Office Statements.
  2. The Customer Enquiry window will now display customers’ email addresses at a CCA pharmacy.
  3. The Balance Due on the Interim Statement will now include transactions on the first day of the month.
  4. The Linked To column will now be populated correctly Customer Enquiry at a CCA pharmacy.
  5. Head Office can now interact with the Visible as CCA store checkbox in Business Maintenance.