The Z. Pill Box option from the Script Options menu handles all steps required to complete dispensing for packed patients. When selected it will:

  • Charge to the selected account
  • Update the patient’s integrated Virtual Pill Box
  • Manage SOH accordingly 
    • If you are a Hub pharmacy, your SOH will reduce
    • If you are a Spoke pharmacy your SOH will not reduce
Tip: You can set up your packing nursing home to Auto Invoice scripts, reducing the need to manually select Z. Pill Box. Refer to Auto Invoice for Nursing Homes.

After saving and processing the required scripts, from the Script Options menu:

1. Select Z. Pill Box and click Okay, or press [Z].

The Pill Box window is displayed.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated 

a. All scripts dispensed to the patient are selected by default. If required de-select any scripts that do NOT require a Virtual Pill Box update e.g. non packed items (inhalers, eye drops etc), that require SOH to be adjusted as you are supplying these items from your stock.

b. Click Okay. The selected scripts are charged to the patient’s account and the Virtual Pill Box is updated in integrated packing software, including Minfos Packing. 

c. For Hub pharmacies the SOH for the items will reduce, for Spoke pharmacies the SOH will NOT reduce.

The Script Options menu is re-displayed.

d. If any scripts were de-selected in step a, you can select I. Invoice to Account to charge these items to the patients account or charge them via the Till.

Note: These transactions will be recording against the ~Pillbox clerk.