This article will take you through the steps to add and edit a field on your dispense label template. Depending on your pharmacy set up, you may need to make the changes on each workstation.

Note: We recommend you make changes to your dispense labels either outside of trading hours or during a quiet dispensing period.

From the Dispense Pro module:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select F. Label Options.

The Label Templates window may display.

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2. Click Cancel to close. Skip this step if the Label Templates window does not display.

The Labels Configuration window is displayed.

3. Make note of the File Name.

Note: Your pharmacy may use the same label template across all or multiple dispensing workstations, however your pharmacy may also have a unique label template for each workstation. It may be necessary to make the same changes on different dispensing workstations, making a note of the File Name for each workstation will help determine which templates have been updated.

4. Click Edit Label.

The following Warning prompt may display.

5. Click OK to dismiss the prompt or skip this step if the Warning prompt does not display.

The Labels screen is displayed.

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6. If required, click the View menu and select the required Zoom option. In this article Zoom 100% was selected.

7. To add a field, click A from the top ribbon. Skip to step 9 to learn how to edit an existing field.A screenshot of a computer

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8. Click anywhere in the label to create a text box.

9. You can now:

a. Enter the required text e.g your pharmacy name if you need to use blank dispense labels in the Text field or,

b. Create a text box to name a Database Field on the dispense label e.g. Date of Birth.

c. Check the Attach Database Field checkbox, the dispense label will then print the required information based on what is in Minfos e.g. data in the Patient Profile, Product Maintenance etc.

The available database fields are displayed.

10. Double click the required Database Field and then double click Main Label in the Sticker section.

Tip: Refer to the table at the bottom of this article for a full list of all available Database Fields.

11. To move or edit an existing field, click the field to highlight it. Then either,

a. Use your mouse to click the square to resize the field.

b. Click anywhere in the text box to move the field.

c. Use the X and Y fields to move the field. X will move the field left and right, Y will move the field up and down.

d. Use the W and H fields to resize the field. W will adjust the width of the field, H will adjust the height of the field.

Tip: We recommend making a small adjustment of 5 to 10, to gauge how much the field will change/move.

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  • To delete a field on the label, highlight the field and press [Delete], this cannot be undone, a new field will need to be added
Note: Ensure you are aware of your state’s legislated requirements for Dispense Labels before deleting a field.

12. Review the following fields:

a. Resize font: If this option is check the font will automatically shrink to fit the text box size.

b. Style: If required, select B (bold), I (Italics), U (Underlined) and enter a font size (and to size if Resize font was selected).

c. Align: Click the dropdown and select from:

i. Left,

ii. Right, or

iii. Centre.

d. Break words: Check this option to break word if Multiline is also selected.

e. Multiline: Check this option if multiple text lines are required.

f. Continue Print on Next Label: If the field is too long to fit on one label, multiple labels will be printed.

g. Display Mode: Click the dropdown and select from:

i. Text.

ii. Code 3 of 9 (barcode type).

iii. Image.

iv. Code 128A (barcode type).

v. Code 128B (barcode type).

vi. Code 128C (barcode type).

vii. Data Matrix.

viii. QR Code.

13. Once you are happy with your label, click the File menu and select Save. The label is saved.

Tip: You can also use the Save As option if you wish to retain a copy of the original dispense label, if you think you will need to revert back to it e.g. when your new pre-printed labels arrive in your pharmacy. The Save As function uses the standard Windows save as process. We recommend you save your labels in the F drive, so they are accessible on all workstations.

14. Click the File menu and select Exit.

The Labels Configuration window is re-displayed.

15. If you Saved your label, click Okay to close. If you used Save As in step 10, click the browse button and update the File Name, then click Okay to close.

16. Test printing a label and ensure the field is in the required place.

17. Repeat on all workstations where required.

Available Database Fields
  • #Today Date#
  • #Time Now#
  • #Popup#
  • #ControlID#
  • #Ext. Value 1#
  • #N of Labels Printed#
  • #Approved Pharmacists Name#
  • #Pharmacy Name#
  • #Pharmacy Address#
  • #Pharmacy Phone Number#
  • #Approval Number#
  • #Patient Name#
  • #Patient Address#
  • #Prescription Number#
  • #Dispensing Pharmacist’s Initials#
  • #Dispensed Price#
  • #Safety Net Price#
  • #Ent/Con/Rep#
  • #Item Dispensed#
  • #Immediate Supply Necessary#
  • #Family Safety Net Number#
  • #NHS Item Number#
  • #Date Dispensed#
  • #S Area Serial Number#
  • #Number of Repeats#
  • #Script Callup Number#
  • #Claim Date#
  • #Claim Number#
  • #Full Cost#
  • #Extra Brand or Generic Name#
  • #Directions#
  • #Entitlement Number#
  • #Doctors Name#
  • #Price$#
  • #Cautionary Advice Labels Number#
  • #CarerCode#
  • #Directions on Small Label#
  • #A Area Item Dispensed#
  • #Item Dispensed (with Generic Swap)#
  • #Immediate Supply Necessary (NHS)#
  • #Disense Price Printed Once#
  • #Dispense Location#
  • #UnderCo Pay Payment Indicator#
  • #Unit Record Number#
  • #Claim Barcode#
  • #Patient Visits#
  • #Our Pills Talk QR Code#
  • #ePrescription Flag#
  • #Dispenser Initials#
  • #Date of Birth#
  • #Ward No.#
  • #Bed Number#
  • #Script Expiry Date#