Payables transactions need to be confirmed before remitting advices and writing Cheques for the payments.

From the Payables module:

1. Click the Transaction menu and select 5. Confirmation.

The Payables Transactions window is displayed, with all unconfirmed transactions visible.2. Transactions can be confirmed individually:

a. Highlight the required transaction and click Confirm.

The Invoice/Credit/Cheque Confirm window is displayed.b. Check the details, and if correct click Okay. If they are not correct, refer to Edit a Payables Transaction.

The Payables Transactions window is re-displayed, with any unconfirmed transactions visible.3. All outstanding transactions can be confirmed together:

a. Click Confirm All.

The Confirm All prompt is displayed.b. Click Yes to confirm all transactions.

c. Click No to return the Payables Transactions window.

The Payables Transactions window is redisplayed and all transactions have been confirmed for payment.