Record where DAA’s for Nursing Homes are packed

You can now record if DAA’s for a Nursing Home are packed onsite (i.e. using local stock) or packed offsite (i.e. using a third party packing provider).

There is a new Packed onsite checkbox on the Nursing Home Entry and Nursing Home Editing window. The checkbox is unchecked by default, if you would like to record that the DAA’s for the selected Nursing Home are packed onsite, check the Packed onsite checkbox.

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Note: The Packed onsite checkbox is for reference purposes only and is not currently used by other reports or functions in Minfos.


Validation has been added to the Phone number field when adding or editing a loyalty customer
Note: This change does not apply to pharmacies using LoyaltyOne.

When adding or editing a loyalty customer, the Phone number will now be validated.

  • If a Phone number with less than eight digits is entered the Invalid Phone Number prompt is displayed:

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  • Ensure you enter the correct area code when adding a landline
  • +61 is automatically added when a mobile number is entered
  • When searching for a loyalty member using their phone number, you can search with or without a [+]

Multi-Store: Centralised Customer Accounts

Remove Transaction prompt when deleting a script charged to an account

When deleting a script charged to a Centralised Customer Account (the account must be Active) the following Delete Script prompt is displayed.

  • Click Yes to remove the script from the Account
  • Click No, the refunded script will be available at the Till

If the account is marked as Inactive or Suspended and a script that has been charged to the account is deleted the following Delete Script prompt is displayed:

  • Click OK to close the prompt, the refund will be available at the Till, either refund the patient via the Till (Cash or Card)


  • Make the account Active and charge the script to the account via the Script Options menu or at the Till

Resolved Issues

  1. Co-Payment Discounts will now be applied correctly for Regulation 24 scripts.
  2. Performance improvements have been made when selecting Generics f9 from the Dispense Form.
  3. Deferred scripts with one repeat remaining will now display in the Script Enquiry window when the Outstanding repeats only filter is applied.
  4. Changing a script with an increased quantity to Private will no longer reset the price to $0.00.
  5. Changes have been made to allow scripts written before 1st January 2023 to have increased discounting applied.
  6. Claim Statements where scripts are appearing with a question mark has now been resolved.
  7. The Price for General CTG scripts will no longer reset to $0.00 when tabbing through the Dispense Form.
  8. Downloading MediSecure scripts with no directions will no longer result in Minfos Dispense crashes.
  9. The Save options permanently setting will now save the printer settings correctly when printing custom Totals and Address Labels.
Stock Manager
  1. The Product Sales Enquiry window will now display sales correctly when a date range is entered.
  2. The Deal Info button has been reinstated for products with buying deal information.
  1. Scripts that are dispensed, charged to an account, and then deleted will no longer display ‘Unable to Locate Script Customer’ on the Statement. Note: This is only for items dispensed from 7.5.2 onward.
  1. Centralised Customer Accounts: Third Party Packing transactions are now displayed correctly on statements.
  2. Centralised Customer Accounts: The account balance on the Till docket will now be displayed correctly after an account payment has been made.
  1. Performance improvements have been made when selecting multiple script customers at the Till.
  2. The Credit Card Surcharge amount will now be displayed correctly in the Previous Takings Report.