When you process a script at the Till with an approved claim, only the outstanding amount is displayed. If the script has been fully covered, an amount of $0.00 will be displayed. If the Claim Total is greater than the Script Total, the Till will indicate a refund is to be paid to the customer.

When you select the scripts at the Till, Minfos will check the claim status before adding them to the transaction, if a claim is still pending or has been rejected a HICAPS Warning prompt is displayed.

a. Click Cancel, the scripts are not added to the transaction and the HICAPS Claim can be reviewed in Dispense. You are returned to the Prescription Customer Selection window.

Note: If you continue with the transaction and the customer pays for the script themselves, and then you also receive a reimbursement from HICAPS, you will need to reconcile this outside of Minfos.


b. Click OK to continue with the transaction.

  • The Till receipt only displays the amount paid by the customer and does not include the amount paid by HICAPS program
  • The full transaction breakdown can be viewed from the Sale Detail Enquiry window:


  • The Till Summary and Previous Takings reports will display the HICAPS program’s reimbursement amount in the Other Debtors section: