Resolved Issues


1. The Safety Net contribution for Regulation 24 (aka Regulation 49) CTG scripts will now calculate correctly. 

2. The GP% and Generic name will no longer change unexpectedly when navigating through the Dispense Form. 

3. Using the [ALT+J] keyboard shortcut will no longer cause Minfos Dispense to close. 

4. The price will no longer change to $0 when the Rx Type is changed to S3 Recordable. 

5. Previously, when selecting certain checkboxes in the Dispense Form, the Discount dropdown was enabled. This will no longer occur. 

6. When the Customer Type is changed from General to Concessional in the Dispense Form the Discount dropdown will select the correct co-payment status and the correct price will display. 

7. Editing a script with applied co-payment discount will retain the correct price.

8. Previously, editing a Concessional script this year that was originally dispensed last year was applying this year's Concessional price. This will no longer occur unless there is a brand or quantity change or the drug is re-selected.