The Till drawer can be configured to only open where there is a cash component to the sale, this prevents the drawer opening unnecessarily for some transactions. 

Once applied, the Till drawer will not open where the tender type does not include cash e.g. card only and account transactions. Mixed tender types that include cash will result in the drawer opening. 

Apply this configuration to your Tills

From the Minfos Launch Pad

1. Click the Special menu and select 1. Utilities

The Utilities module is displayed. 

2. Click the Shop Config icon or click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration

The Shop Configuration window is displayed. 

3. Click the Till tab. 

4. Check the Only open Till drawer for transactions involving Cash checkbox. 


5. Click OK to save. 

6. Close out of the Till module on all workstations, you can immediately re-open the Till.