Improved drug matching for PBS scripts not prescribed by active ingredient

Previously Minfos would attempt to match the drug by name for PBS scripts written by brand, that also did not include a manufacturer code. Minfos has improved matching of these PBS scripts to also refer to the Australian Medicines Terminology (AMT) reference of Trade Product Pack (TPP), if this has been provided with the script information.

‘Possible Matches Found’ window displayed when exact match is not found

To assist dispensers with the ePrescription workflow, the Drug Recall Window header on the drug selection screen(s) has been renamed to Possible Matches Found. When an exact match cannot be found Minfos lists all possible matches, based on the ePrescription data provided, for the dispenser to manually select from.

A5 repeat tokens will now display 'Retain at Pharmacy' where applicable

A5 eScript repeat tokens will now display 'Retain at <Pharmacy Name>' if the script is an S8 item in Tasmania and when the Script will be retained by the pharmacy checkbox is checked on the Save and Process this script? window.

Click here to learn how to configure repeat eScript tokens to print on A5.

Stock Manager

View generics for a selected product while editing an order 

You are now able to view your stock on hand of generic brands while you are editing orders in Order Maintenance.

This option will assist with:

  • The ongoing issues with stock outs of some brands
  • Ensuring certain generic groupings aren’t over stocked
  • Brand switching

From the Order Editing window, highlight a drug and click Generics to display the Generic Drug Listing window.

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Graphical user interface

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Note: The generic mapping in Order Maintenance, is based on the naming convention: drug-form-strength and not the PBS brand equivalent flags.

Refer to View generics for a selected product while editing an order for more information.

Increase retail price by markup percentage in Price Manager

A new Increase RP by Markup% option has been added to Price Manager. This will allow you to increase the retail price of a range of products by a markup percentage amount.

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Refer to Increase Retail Price by Markup% for more information.

[F2] now clears all filtering applied within Price Manager

[F2] now clears any filters or suggested pricing values applied to the originally selected range (Sort by selection) in Price Manager. This allows you to restore the range back to its original view without having to navigate out of Price Manager.

Broken packs are now recorded on the Product Audit Report 

The Product Audit Report has been updated to display when a change has been made to the sub-units of a pack i.e., a broken or part pack.

The Previous and Changed Details columns will now display up to two decimal places. This provides an indication when a change has been made to the sub-units counted.

This will only be applicable for changes made to sub-units counted post updating to 7.5.1.
This enhancement does not change the behaviour of the SOH column in Product Maintenance, Order Maintenance and all other reports in Minfos. The SOH of a product will continue to be displayed as a whole number and will not display the sub-units.


Email Statements: Multiple email addresses

Pharmacies reported that customers were not receiving emailed statements after multiple email address were entered in the Email statements to field on the Account section of the customer profile. This was due to a [Space] being entered after the semicolon and between the email addresses, a change has been made and now Minfos will send to all email addresses in the Email statements to field.

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Create Customers Utility

A new utility has been created to allow you to bulk import customers into Minfos. This means you can add new customers to your database without needing to manually input them.

This utility enables you to import a tab delimited file into Minfos to create new customers.

Refer to Create Customers Utility for more information.


Configure the Till drawer to only open for cash transactions

With more pharmacies handling cashless transactions, the Till drawer can now be configured to only open where there is a cash component to the sale. This prevents the drawer opening unnecessarily for some transactions.

Once applied, the Till drawer will not open where the tender type does not include cash e.g. card only and account transactions. Mixed tender types that include cash will result in the drawer opening.

Click here to learn how to apply this configuration to your tills.

Resolved Issues

  1. Safety Net Consequences will now be applied correctly when there are two or more concurrently dispensed scripts for a patient.
  2. The Safety Net Consequences prompt will display correctly when there is a different strength dispensed in between two of the same strength drug.
  3. Deferred scripts with no repeats will now display in the Script Enquiry window when Outstanding repeats only is selected.
  4. The Pharmacist password and Dispenser initials will no longer be cleared when cancelling out of a script.
  5. The Repeat Details window will be displayed in the correct position when dispensing an eScript.
  6. The co-payment discount will now be set correctly for an Opt In patient when you edit the customer Type.
  7. The Chemotherapy Combinations window displays after tabbing out of the Qty field.
  8. Blank lines in the directions of eScripts are ignored so more directions are visible on the eScript details window.
  9. The custom Totals Labels, Address Labels and eQueue Dockets will now retain the configured printer settings after printing an A5 Repeat Token.
  10. After using certain shortcuts in the Dispense Form and pressing a numeric key on the keyboard, the Script Options menu was displaying incorrectly. This has now been changed so that the Script Options menu will only be displayed when using the [Alt] key.
  11. Tabbing through the Dispense Form after setting a price of 0.00 will no longer reset the price.
  12. Expired deferred S8 scripts will no longer display in the Script Enquiry window, when Outstanding repeats only is selected.
  1. Items stored in the robotic database will now be displayed in the correct colour on the Drug Recall Window
Stock Manager
  1. Credits will be collected for main and secondary accounts for the same supplier.
  1. Club rewards barcodes starting with 36, 38 or 40 will now scan correctly at the Till.
  2. Selecting Add in the Layby screen will no longer crash the Till module.
  1. Centralised Customer Accounts: Selecting a single account in the Debtors and Ageing Reports will no longer result in an error.
  2. Centralised Customer Accounts: Customers with the Statement Method set to None will no longer receive statements via email.
  3. Centralised Customer Accounts: The information displayed in the 3 months + column will now be correct in the Customer Debtors & Ageing report.