You can easily start using MVX by following the steps below:

1. Email MVX Support at [email protected] to receive your unique MVX Access Key by providing your: 

  • Pharmacy Approval Number
  • Pharmacy Name, Address and Phone Number

2. Within 24 hours you will receive an email containing your unique MVX Access Key (the link will only be valid for 24 hours after creation and will only allow access once).

3. Once you have received your MVX Access Key you will need to set up and save it in Minfos.

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click the Shop Configuration icon or click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

3. Click the Stock Manager tab.

4. Enter your MVX Access Key in the API Key field.5. Click OK to save and close.

Refer to Create accounts for MVX suppliers and Add Multiple Accounts to an MVX supplier to learn how to create MVX accounts in Minfos.