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From 1 January 2023, pharmacists will be able to provide an increased discount to general patients on prescriptions with a Commonwealth price between $30.00 and $45.60. This range is referred to as the Increased Discounting Range (IDR). Refer to PBS Co-payment Reduction Information for Pharmacists applicable from 1 January 2023  for more information on this measure. 

The Discount dropdown on the Dispense Form indicates the level of discount you are providing the customer

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

Discount dropdown selection 

Level of discount 

Price to customer in 2023* 

Claim type

No disc. 

No discount




Co-payment discount

$29.00 to $29.99


Incr. disc

Increased discount 

< $29.00 

Under co-payment

*Excluding any applicable premiums. Price will be indexed from 1 January 2024.

To change the discount level to No disc. or Co-pay

There are multiple ways to change the discount level:

  1. Enter the price manually into the Price field
    1. Enter $30 to set to No. disc.
    2. Enter a value between $29.00 to $29.99 to set to 2. Co-Pay .
  2. Use your mouse to click the arrow on the Discount dropdown and select 1. No disc or 2. Co-Pay from the list (the discount set in your Dispense Options will be applied to the price).
  3. Use your keyboard:

a. Press [ Alt +] ], the Discount dropdown is highlighted.

b. Press [Spacebar] to display the options in the dropdown menu.

c. Press [1] to select No disc or [2] to select Co-pay (the discount set in your Dispense Options will be applied to the price).

To change the discount level to Incr. disc

  1. If you have a set price, e.g. a Fixed or Special Price, set up for the dispensed item then for drugs priced in the IDR Minfos will automatically use the set price, refer to Dispense Pricing Configuration for more information.
  2. Manually enter a price less than $29.00 into the Price field.

Note: Incr. disc cannot be manually selected from the Discount dropdown and will only update to display Incr. disc when the Price is below $29.00.


You have received a prescription for a general patient for a medication that has a Commonwealth price in the IDR. 

Other things to note:

  • The patient will not receive CTG benefits
  • There is no fixed pricing set for item being dispensed
  • The patient does not receive a Co-payment Discount by default
  • The script is not an Early Supply, i.e., there are no safety net consequences
  • There is no Price Premium applicable to the item dispensed

To dispense, from the Dispense Form:

1. Select the patient and dispense their prescribed medication.

2. The Price field defaults to $30.00 and the Discount dropdown indicates No disc has been applied.3. If you enter a price between $29.00 and $29.99 in the Price field, the Discount dropdown will automatically adjust to display Co-Pay. In this example, a $1.00 discount has been applied. 4. If you enter a price below $29.00 in the Price field, the Discount dropdown will automatically adjust to display Incr. Disc. In this example, a $5.00 discount has been applied.5. To review the Pricing information for this dispensing, click Drug Info f8.

The Drug Information Database window is displayed. 

As you provided an increased discount to this script, i.e., >$1.00, the prescription has become an under-co.

The Disc. field indicates the discount provided and the Govt. field displays $0.00 as no government contribution is applicable. 

a. Click Cancel to close the Drug Information window.

6. Save and process the script as per your usual process.