This option allows you to import a tab-delimited file that updates Tiered Retail prices using barcode in your Head Office database. These prices will flow down to the pharmacies in your Multi-store group in real-time, not at the time set for Tiered pricing.

The import options are:

  • Retail Price - this is Tier 1
  • Tier 2 Retail Price
  • Tier 3 Retail Price

Before using the Import Product Attribute By Barcode utility:

  • Inform the pharmacies in your group, as the price change will flow down in 'real time', the import facility does NOT take the Tiered Pricing time set in Update Manager
  • Do a manual back up, refer to Back up your Minfos database manually for instructions, this is so you can revert to your original pricing if required

After using the Import Product Attributes By Barcode utility:

Run the Import Product Attributes By Barcode utility:

Once you have prepared and saved the tab-delimited file.

Sample File from exporting Tiered prices (refer to Export Tiered Retail Pricing)

  • MNPN, Barcode, Product Name, Tier 1 price, Tier 2 price and Tier 3 price

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click the Special menu and select B. Import Product Attributes By Barcode.

The Import Product Attributes By Barcode window is displayed.3. Click Browse.

The Open window is displayed.

4. Navigate to the location of the saved tab-delimited file and click Open.

5. From the Import Fields section, highlight the attribute and click Add. Ensure the order in the File Format section matches the order in the txt file.

  • If an attribute is incorrectly added, or added in the incorrectly order:
  1. Highlight the attribute in the File Format section and click Remove to delete it.
  2. Highlight the attribute in the File Format section and click Up or Down to change the order.
Note: Each attribute can only be added once, however, the Ignore option can be selected multiple times.

For the Sample File shown above we have selected Ignore (for the MNPN), Barcode, Ignore (for the product description), Retail Price (for Tier 1), Tier 2 Retail Price and Tier 3 Retail Price.6. Click OK to start the import.

The Processing window showing the progress of the import is displayed.Once the import has finished the Import Complete window with the import results is displayed.7. Click OK to close.