Before proceeding with the steps in this article, ensure you have followed the steps in the Create accounts for MVX suppliers article.

From Stock Manager

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 2. Suppliers

The Supplier Maintenance window is displayed. 

2. Click Find and search for the supplier e.g. ‘Symbion’. 

3. Highlight the Supplier and click Change

The Supplier Editing window is displayed.

4. Select the Communications tab.

a. To add an additional account to this supplier, click Add.The Additional MVX Accounts window is displayed. 

b. Enter the Account No.

c. Enter a Password, if required.

d. Click Find to attach the correct MVX Supplier ID.

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The Supplier Selection window is displayed.

i. Highlight the correct supplier and click OK. Where more than one entry exists for this supplier, ensure that you select the entry with the state relevant to you.

The Additional MVX Accounts window is re-displayed.e. Click Create MVX Account.

The following prompt is displayed.ii. Click OK to close.

You are returned to the Additional MVX Accounts window.

5. Click Cancel to close the window.

The Supplier Editing window is re-displayed.

The Account will now advise that it is in a Pending status and will need to be approved by the supplier.6. Click OK to close.