Pharmacies can create new MVX supplier accounts from Stock Manager, as well as prepare for a Supplier created MVX account. MVX ordering requires a unique MVX Access Key, click here to learn how to configure your pharmacy.

Note: If the account is initiated by you within Minfos, the supplier is then required to approve the account in the MVX portal before it can be used electronically at your pharmacy.

To create a MVX account or prepare for a Supplier created MVX account:

From Stock Manager:

1. Click the Maintenance menu and select 2. Suppliers.

The Supplier Maintenance window is displayed.

2. Click Find and search for the supplier e.g. ‘Amneal’.

3. Highlight the required supplier and click Change.

The Supplier Editing window is displayed.

a. In the Details tab ensure the Supplier type is set to CO Electronic.

b. Ensure you have entered the Account No..

c. Click the Communications tab.

d. From the Communications tab click on the Comms. Format dropdown box and select F. MVX. The MVX Supplier ID and a Create MVX Account option is displayed.
Note: Depending on the supplier, you may be required to enter extra details on the Communications window. E.G. Order Type, Supply Method, Order Type, Backup, Delivery Type and Password. Contact your Supplier for more information.

e. Click Find to search for the MVX supplier e.g. Amneal’.

The Supplier Selection window is displayed.

Where more than one entry exists for this supplier, ensure that you select the entry with the state relevant to you.i. When found, click OK.

Note: If the supplier does not exist in the list, then they are not yet a MVX electronic supplier and an account cannot be created for them for this communication method.

Once you have selected the supplier the MVX Supplier ID is populated.

For Wholesaler MVX accounts or direct supplier accounts you are creating, you must complete step f.
If you are setting up a direct supplier in preparation for the supplier to create the MVX account you can skip step f and proceed to step g.

f. Click Create MVX Account.

The following prompt is displayed:i. Click OK to close.

  • If successful, the account status is updated to Pending and the date is displayed. The account is now waiting for supplier confirmation in the MVX portal. Once approved, the status will be updated to Active and the account can be used
  • If there is information missing, or the submission could not be completed, the following prompt is displayed with the information required to be actioned before the account can be successfully created:

g. Click OK to save the changes.

The Supplier Maintenance window is displayed. 

4. Click Cancel to close.

For an account created in Minfos

  • When the Order Entry or Order Editing window is accessed in Order Maintenance for a supplier with a Pending status, Minfos displays this notifying the Stock Controller that the account is not yet available for electronic communication
  • Where a Stock Controller attempts to transmit an order and the Account creation is still in a Pending status, the following prompt is displayed:

Note: It may take a few days for the supplier to action the approval. If approval is not granted within 7 business days, please contact the supplier directly to ensure your account is approved. Until the account is approved, you will need to continue to use your existing ordering methods.
  • Once an account has been confirmed, the Pending status is removed from the Order Entry or Order Edit windows and is updated to Active in the supplier card
  • Once in an Active status, the account is available to use electronically and the stock controller can begin transmitting and collecting orders for that supplier as per the normal process

For an account created in the MVX portal by a supplier

  • Once the account has been created on the MVX portal and Minfos has recognised the account credentials the following prompt is displayed when you open Order Maintenance

a. If you select Do not display this message again, for the supplier displayed you will not be notified of the account again, you will however be prompted for any other suppliers.

b. If you select Dismiss, you will be prompted again for this supplier when you next open Order Maintenance, along with any other new accounts that may have been created between the time the prompt was dismissed and the time Order Maintenance is re-opened.

Click here to learn how to add a second MVX account.