The Minfos App is a phone app available for both Android and iOS, which interfaces efficiently with Minfos. To learn how to download and set up the Minfos App, refer to Set up the Minfos App. The Minfos App allows orders to be receipted (also known as marking off an order) three ways:

Tip: You can use a combination of Receipt Order and Quick Receipt to mark off an order/s.

To be able to Receipt an order:

  • The orders must be marked as Received or have been electronically collected in Order Maintenance

View receipted orders in Order Maintenance

When items are receipted using the Minfos App, the Counted column in Order Maintenance displays. This allows you to compare the Counted (stock you receipted) vs the Qty (stock the supplier charged you for) to ensure you received the correct quantities before you complete the invoice.Stock in RED, indicates the Counted quantity is greater or less than the Qty

Orders that have be receipted by the Minfos App still need to Completed in Minfos Order Maintenance.

The Order Confirmation window also displays the results from receipting the order from the Minfos App.

Note: This is information only, the Invoice Total is based on the Qty column, and your SOH will update based on the Qty column, not the Counted column.