After you have enabled either custom Address Labels or Totals Labels you will need to make adjustments to your Dispense Labels printer.

For more information about custom labels refer to either Dispense Totals Label or Dispense Address Labels.

Set up your Dispense Label printer for custom labels:

1. Ensure you have the latest driver installed for your Thermal Printer - your Hardware technician can assist you with this.

2. Add the correct Stock to the label printer to support the Address Label.

a. Navigate to the Control Panel.

b. Select Devices and Printers.

c. Right click on Labels Printer and select Printer Properties.

d. Click on the Stocks tab and select New.

e. Add the following values: (Note: The values below are in Metric units. If your printer is set to the imperial system, you will need to convert).






50 mm/sec

Label Width

105.00 mm

Label Height

67.00 mm

Unprintable Area

Note: These are standard values and may need to be adjusted according to the artwork on your own label.

Left: 2.00 mm                 Top: 0.00 mm

Right: 2.00mm                Bottom: 0.00 mm

f. Select OK to save.

g. Select Apply on labels Properties.

h. Select OK to save.

When you print the Address Label or Totals Label for the first time:

1. After dispensing a prescription to a customer from the Script Options screen select A. Customer Address Label or T. Totals Labels (select the relevant option to match the custom label you require).

The Print Options window is displayed.

3. Click Change.

The Print Setup window is displayed.

4. Click the Name dropdown and select your Dispense Label Printer.

5. From the Paper groupbox select the Stock we added in previous steps.

6. Click OK to save.

7. Click Start to print the label. 

If your labels are printing upside-down then do the following:

1. Select A. Customer Address Label or T. Totals Label.

2. When the Print Options screen opens select ‘Change’ .

3. In the Printer Setup window, select Properties and find the setting Invert 180 degrees and uncheck.

4. Click OK, and OK again.

5. In the Print Options window, check the Save options permanently checkbox.

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

6. Click Start to print the label.

Example Address Labels:



Description automatically generated with medium confidence


Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Description automatically generated



Description automatically generated

Refer to Dispense Address Labels to learn how to set up the new address label.

Example Totals Labels:



Description automatically generated with medium confidence




Description automatically generated

Refer to Dispense Totals Label for more information on setting up custom totals labels.