Performing a complete stocktake at least once or twice a year is absolutely essential to maintain accurate inventory levels and clear visibility of your stock holding - not to mention keeping the accountants happy.

Like most things, preparation is key to a successful and stress-free stocktake. This topic will cover the tasks that you need to consider and complete prior to counting your stock. 

It is strongly recommended that you print a copy of the Minfos Stocktake Checklist prior to beginning the stocktake process.

Complete Invoices & Credits

To ensure your stock on hand in Minfos is up to date and all physical stock is available to be counted, ensure you complete outstanding invoices and credits, place the physical stock in the correct spot on the shelf or in storage. 

Your dispensary robot (if your pharmacy has one) should also be loaded with the correct stock.

Allocate Products to Locations

Locations should be used regardless of whether the stocktake is completed via a wireless scanner, the Minfos App or via stocktake sheets. Using Locations helps your store to complete the count of each section more accurately and efficiently. 

It may be necessary to have multiple locations across a single department / I.E.U / Class. Each location needs to be small enough to be able to be counted by one staff member in one shift. It can also be a good idea to set up Locations with codes which are grouped numbers e.g. all of dispense 0-100, Cosmetics 100-200, Vitamins 200-300, FOS 10000 onwards etc.

After you have created the locations, print a list of your locations so that you can track the progress of your stocktake. For each location, note down the starting and ending date of the stock count. It is also a good idea to take note of who completed the count in case there are follow up questions later on.

Video - Create Locations for Stocktake in Minfos

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Learn how to set up locations for stocktake in this video tutorial.

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Clear Broken Pack Quantities

Broken or partial pack quantities are a result of dispensing a quantity less than a whole pack. For example, only 10 tablets from a box of 20 tablets. Minfos recommends broken packs are cleared and then counted and entered as part of the stocktaking process.

Video - Clear Broken Pack Quantities for Stocktake

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Learn how to clear broken pack quantities in readiness for stocktake in this video tutorial.

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