There may be times where the automatic or manual Customer Statement ageing process is required to be undone. This can be useful if errors are discovered that need to be remedied before re-aging the statements. 

Follow the steps below to undo the customer statements.

Note: If you manually undo the customer statements, you will be required to age them again manually, refer to Manually age customer account statements for more information.

From the Customer Management module:

1. Click the Functions menu and select 2. Undo Statements.

The Undo Customer Statements window is displayed.2. Check the Continue checkbox and click Okay.

Minfos will automatically check if there is any Direct Debit reconciliation information recorded for the statement date. 
If there is Direct Debit information for the statement date, the below warning is displayed before you can click Okay to confirm the Undo Statement process.
After the statements have been undone, when attempting to create the Direct Debit Files again, one of the following warnings may be displayed:
If Direct Debit Files have been created and one or more balances have been marked as 'Paid':
 If Direct Debit Files have been created but no balances have been marked as 'Paid':
Follow the recommended action on the warning prompt to ensure any issues are avoided.

The Processing window is displayed.

Once the statements have been undone the Customer Management module is re-displayed.

3. Remember to Manually age customer account statements.