Continued Dispensing changes effective 1 July

On 30 June 2022, the Continued Dispensing Emergency Measures will cease and be replaced with expanded Continued Dispensing arrangements to commence 1 July 2022. 

Minfos 7.1.3 and the July dispense updates have been updated to support the new arrangements. 

These changes include:

  • The items available under Continued Dispensing provisions will be updated 
  • Support of Closing the Gap PBS Copayment Program (the CTG Program), which reduces or removes the PBS Copayment for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, now applies to medicines supplied under Continued Dispensing 
    • Now when you dispense a Continued Dispensing supply to a patient registered as CTG, Minfos will automatically select the CTG checkbox. The checkbox is enabled, allowing you to change the status as required 
  • Eligibility criteria for a Continued Dispensing supply has been modified. Minfos has updated the Continued Dispensing prompt to assist you with ensuring the supply meets these criteria: 
    • The duration of when the medicine has last been supplied to a person for a Continued Dispensing claim will be reduced from 6 months to 3 months i.e., Pharmacists must ensure the patient has previously been supplied the medicine in the last three months 
    • Continued Dispensing supplies for included medicines will be limited to the maximum quantity listed on the PBS Schedule
    • The usual prescriber must be unable to be contacted and/or is unable to provide an e-script or owing prescription 

New Prompt from the Dispense Form

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Description automatically generated

Refer to Dispense a drug as Continued Dispensing supply for more information on Continued Dispensing.

Note: Even though 7.1.3 will allow you to dispense a Continued Dispensing supply under CTG, if you attempt to do so prior to the 1st of July this claim will be rejected by PBS Online.

Resolved Issues

  1. The correct Safety Net amount will now be displayed when the patient reaches the safety net threshold.