The Price Changes Report can be configured to clear automatically during the End of Day process.

Automatically clearing the report can assist with streamlining your in-store process for price changes by

  • Helping to prevent the same shelf label being printed multiple times
  • Saving time as you no longer need to manually clear the report

If your pharmacy does not use the price changes report, then setting this configuration will ensure the prices are cleared so you are not storing unnecessary price change data.

Configure the Price Changes Report to clear automatically:

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

1. Click the Special menu and select Utilities.

The Utilities module is displayed.

2. Click the Config menu and select 1. Shop Configuration.

The Shop Configuration window is displayed.

3. Click the Stock Manager tab.

4. Check the Auto-Clear Price Changes Report check box.5. Click OK to save.

If the Auto-Clear Price Changes Report checkbox is not selected, then continue the process of manually clearing the Price Changes Report.

Note: Do NOT use this option if you are a slave store and use the price changes report to print labels for price changes made by your Head Office.

Refer to Print labels for retail price changes for more information on how to print or queue labels from the price changes report.