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When you refer us to another pharmacy who is currently not using Minfos, they will be able to try Minfos free for 3 months.* 

When your referred pharmacy becomes a Minfos customer in the 4th month of them using Minfos, we will share our Minfos software subscription with you free for 3 months!*

 The more pharmacies you refer who join Minfos, the more money you save!

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Minfos Referral Program Terms & Conditions


Symbion Pty Ltd ABN 25 000 875 034 trading as Minfos (“Minfos,” “we,” “us” and “our”) is conducting the Minfos Referral Program (“Referral Program”) commencing from 1 November 2021 until terminated (“Program Period”).

By participating in the Referral Program, you agree to be bound to Minfos Referral Program Terms and Conditions (“Program Terms”), in addition to the Minfos Terms of Use and Minfos Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Minfos Terms”) and any variations. 

Program overview

The Referral Program provides current Minfos customers (“Advocates”) interested in referring other pharmacies (“Invitees”) to subscribe to Minfos software, the opportunity to receive rewards. The Program Terms apply to both Advocates and Invitees. 

Advocate eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program as an Advocate, you must:

  1. Be a current Minfos customer (“Advocate”) and
  2. Be the pharmacy’s owner or a staff member working within the pharmacy 
  3. Only share your Referral Code and Referral Link with Invitees who have given their express consent to receive the Referral Program invitation from you

Invitee eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program as an Invitee, you must:

  1. Use the Referral Code provided by an Advocate
  2. Be owner(s) of your community pharmacy business (“Pharmacy”) 
  3. Pharmacy must be operating in Australia 
  4. Not currently be using Minfos whatsoever
  5. Advocates and Invitees cannot be the same business entity. The only exception where an Advocate can be an Invitee is when they own another pharmacy that is not using Minfos  

How Advocates can refer Invitees

Minfos will send an email about the Referral Program to Advocates. This email contains a unique referral code (“Referral Code”) for the Advocate to share with Invitees. 

When an Invitee uses the Referral Code provided to them by the Advocate, the Referral Program Reward process is instigated. 

A Minfos representative will contact the Invitee to discuss the Minfos Introductory Agreement and the Minfos Maintenance Contract Agreement and should the Invitee agree to join Minfos, Minfos will enable the Invitee to receive access to the Minfos software at the 3-month introductory offer (Introductory Offer). 

At the conclusion of the Introductory Offer should the Invitee elect to continue with Minfos, the Invitee will need to pay the Minfos Maintenance Fee for the continued use of the Minfos software and any other Minfos products and services they continue to use. Invitees will receive a contract prior to gaining access to the Introductory Offer, which outlines the Minfos Maintenance Fee that will apply should they wish to continue to use Minfos at the end of their Introductory Offer period. 

By sharing your Referral Code or by making an application to Minfos via the Referral Link, you agree to be bound by the Program Terms.

The Referral Program cannot be used with any other Minfos offer, unless otherwise stated.

Advocate reward

For each Invitee, the Advocate will be eligible to receive the Advocate Reward of 3-months’ free Minfos Maintenance Fee (“Advocate Reward”) based on the following conditions.  

Advocates are eligible to earn an Advocate Reward for each Invitee who uses the Referral Code to access and use the Introductory Offers and pays at least the first month of their Minfos Maintenance Fee. 

The Advocate will receive the reward notification email when they have earned an Advocate Reward. 

The Advocate Reward will be applied to the Advocate next months’ Minfos Maintenance Fee (including GST) for 3 consecutive months. 

The Advocate Reward will not be:

  1. Split over months, other Minfos services or between Minfos customers or pharmacies using Minfos
  2. Paid to you in cash 
  3. Transferred between Minfos customers or exchanged

If you have any Advocate Reward credit balance in your Minfos account when your contract with Minfos ends or when you end your Minfos Maintenance Subscription, you will forfeit that credit balance. 

At the end of the 3 months period in which you receive your Advocate Reward, you will be required to re-commence payment of your standard Minfos Maintenance Fee to continue your subscription. 

4. Referral Rewards

An Invitee will be eligible for 100% fee discount for a period of 3 months from the date of signing after which time the discount will be removed and normal Minfos subscription fees will apply conditional on the number of terminals and/or contracted term applicable.

Number of Referrals

Rewards may not be redeemed for cash and they are not transferrable and may not be auctioned, traded, bartered or sold.

There is no limit on the number of referrals that a Referrer can make.

Referral Rewards will be paid consecutively once each referrer is qualified and the referral is deemed successful.

A Reward cannot be claimed retrospectively.

Invitee reward

Invitees are eligible to earn a reward (“Invitee Reward”) when:

  1. They use a Referral Code provided to them by an Advocate and
  2. When the Invitee’s pharmacy has started to use Minfos 

The Minfos Introductory Offer (“Introductory Offer”) will be applied to the first 3-months of service of the Minfos software. 

At the end of the 3 months period, the Invitees understands they will begin paying for the standard Minfos subscription fee (“Minfos Maintenance Fee”) and for any other Minfos products and service they continue to use.

This Introductory Offer includes the Minfos Maintenance Fee for a 3 month period only (the standard Minfos POS/Dispense software) and any agreed ancillary products and services provided by Minfos. This offer excludes Minfos SMS Connect.

This Program is only applicable for the Minfos Maintenance Fee and not for any other Minfos services. Also, a Reward cannot be claimed retrospectively. 

Multiple Referrals

In the event an Invitee receives multiple Referral Codes from two or more Advocates, the Invitee may only use one (1) Referral Code to claim their Introductory Offer. 

The Advocate whose Referral Code the Invitee uses will be eligible for the Advocate Reward.  

Release and indemnity

By participating in the Referral Program, both Advocates and Invitees understand that Minfos is not responsible for any and all liability for loss, harm, damage, injury, cost or expense whatsoever.

Minfos reserves the right to exclude any Invitees from being considered for the Referral Program if they have in the past had a Minfos or Symbion account and was not in good standing with that account as determined at Minfos’ sole discretion.  

Changes to Referral Program

Minfos reserves the right to change or terminate the Referral Program and Program Terms at any time and without notice. You can view the most current version of the Program Terms at any time on this page. 

Continued participation in the Referral Program after any modification will constitute consent to such modification. 


By participating in the Referral Program, both the Advocate and Invitee agree to Minfos collecting and using your personal information for the purchase of administering the Referral Program and acknowledge that you have read and accepted Minfos Privacy Policy.


If you have further questions, please contact: [email protected] or contact a Minfos sales representative.