The Credit Card Maintenance window configures credit cards, allowing you to view, add, edit and delete cards. 

To access the Credit Card Maintenance window:

  1. From the Minfos Launch Pad, click the Till icon.


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  2. In the Till module, click the Maintenance tab and select 2. Credit Cards.

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    The Credit Card Maintenance window is displayed.

Credit Card Maintenance window overview

Graphical user interface

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a. Add 

Enter a new credit card. See Set up a new credit card

b. Change 

Edit the highlighted credit card.

c. Delete 

Remove the highlighted credit card from the list. See Disable a credit card

d. Enquire 

View the details of the selected credit card without editing.

e. Print 

Print a list of credit cards based on the current sort order.

f. Find 

Search for a credit card using the current sort order.

g. Sort 

Change the current sort order between Name and Code, which is shown in the dialog below.

h. Current sort order

View the current sorting order, which is set by the Sort button above. 

i. List All

Display all credit cards, including current credit cards, previously deleted cards, and those not displayed at the Till.
Disabled credit cards are indicated by the ~ prefix, and will not display in the Credit Menu window at the Till. 

j. Next

Go to the next page.

k. Prev

Go to the previous page.

l. Cancel

Exit the Credit Card Maintenance screen.