From the Till module:

  1. Select the Credit Card Summary icon, or in the Reports tab, select 3. Credit Card Summary.

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    The Credit Card Summary dialog is displayed.
  2. Enter the date range for the report and press [Tab].

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  3. To view surcharges at an individual level, check the Detailed checkbox.
  4. Select Okay.
    The Credit Card Summary report is displayed.

Columns and rows

  • The Card Amount column is the value charged to the card excluding the surcharge
  • The Surcharge column is the total surcharges charged for that card
  • The Total column is the sum of the Card Amount and Surcharge values for the card
  • The Total row at the base of the report displays the totals for each column e.g. the total surcharge for all cards for the date range entered

Standard report

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Detailed report


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