Set up surcharges for card payments

You can now set up surcharges in Minfos for different card types, which will automatically apply at the Till, calculated as a percentage of the transaction total.

By configuring a surcharge on payment types that incur a cost to your store, such as credit cards, you can pass those costs on to your customers if you wish.

The surcharges for each card type can be easily managed from the Credit Card Maintenance screen. 

Stores that use Minfos accounting features can view the breakdown of card amounts and surcharges in Accounts Receivables and General Ledger.

Warning Australian law prohibits excessive surcharges, such as charging the customer more than the applicable cost charged to you. Further information can be found on the ACCC website.
 It is your decision whether to apply surcharges, and to choose the percentage value. These surcharges are configurable, and Minfos does not apply any payment surcharges by default. Minfos takes no responsibility for the percentage entered and costs passed on to your customers.

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Resolved Issues

  1. Hovering the mouse over a long drug name in the eScript Details window will now display the full drug name even after cancelling out of the Drug Recall window.
  2. Closing the eScript Details window will no longer cause the focus to be lost in the Save and Process Script window.
  3. Scripts dispensed as Scan Check Exempt will now be flagged with the correct ES icon without having to launch the Scan Check window.
  1. Loyalty sales will no longer return an error when including items on promotion.
  1. Selecting Re-print Docket as an Invoice at the Till will print correctly instead of a blank page.