Note: This article is intended for Minfos Pilot stores only. It contains either new or updated functionality that is not generally available at this time. Please look out for these new features in an upcoming Minfos software release.

Once an account’s Master Store has enabled direct debit, both Head Offices and stores can enrol Centralised Customer Accounts to pay through this method. If an account's Master Store is not yet set up, see Set up store for direct debit payments from Centralised Customer Accounts before returning to this article.

Enrol an account

From Customer Management:

1. Click the Customer Accounts icon.

The Customer Account Management window is displayed.

2. Select the account to enrol in direct debit, and click Change.

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The Customer Account Entry window is displayed.

3. Check the Direct Debit checkbox.

Note: The checkbox is enabled when the account’s Master Store is set up for direct debit. See Enable Direct Debit for Centralised Customer Accounts.

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The Direct Debit detail fields are enabled.

4. Enter the Account Name, BSB and Account Number.

Note: The BSB is validated against a list of Australian banking institutes, and will present a warning if the BSB is not recognised.

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5. Click OK to save the changes.

View the direct debit status of an account

You can also check whether an account has direct debit enabled via Customer Account Enquiry. If the Direct Debit checkbox is checked, the account has direct debit enabled.

Note: This field will only display if the business has direct debit enabled.