Install your NASH PKI certificate

You can now install your new NASH PKI certificate for Health Identifier Services and My Health Record Services without the assistance of Minfos Support.

Ensure you update both the Health Identifier and My Health Record Services if you use both services. 

Refer to Install NASH PKI Certificate for step by step instructions. 

When editing a script for a monitored drug you can no longer select a different patient to dispense the script to

To support state RTPM regulations, when editing a script for a monitored drug you can no longer select a different patient to dispense the script to. 

From 7.0.2 when a monitored script is edited and you attempt to change the patient’s name, the following prompt will display, instructing you to delete the script and re-dispense under the correct patient.


Customer Number now displays on the Customer Debtors report 

The Minfos Customer Number has been added as a new column to the Customer Debtors report.
To learn more about this report please refer to Customer Debtors and Ageing Report.

Print double sided statements

A checkbox has been added to the Customer Statements and Re-Print Customer Statements dialogs allowing you to print your statements double sided to save on paper. 

To print statements double sided, check the Print Double Sided checkbox on the Customer Statements, Re-Print Customer Statements or the Re-Print Customer Statements by Club dialog:

Customer Statements

Re-Print Customer Statements

Re-Print Customer Statements by Club

Stock Manager

Changes to the Robot column in Minfos Ordering 

In Minfos version 7.0.2 the Robot column in the Order Editing screen has been renamed to Counted.

The column will only display after you receipt the first product via the robot. You may need to close and re-opening the screen to refresh and display the column.

Refer to Receipt an order directly into your robot for further information about this process.

Resolved Issues


1. Out of date scripts can no longer be dispensed. 

2. Occasionally directions are incorrectly printed as SIGs on dispense labels and repeat forms.  This has now been rectified and directions will print correctly. 

3. When a script is downloaded with an incorrect State for the patient, Minfos left the State field blank, resulting in database errors.  This has been corrected. Minfos will now attempt to choose the correct State or set the State as None.   

4. Scripts will no longer be locked in the eQueue when the downloading process is cancelled. 

5. Minfos Dispense will now check the script history and prompt with Safety Net Consequences / Reg 25 if a script falls within the Safety Net Consequences rule. 

Stock Manager

1. Negative Stock on Hand values will now be displayed correctly in the Order Detail screen. 


1. The Customer Account Enquiry window will no longer prompt with the processing window when moving between screens.