The Customer Account Enquiry window enables you to view an account’s transaction history. You can filter by date and transaction type, allowing you to find relevant results more quickly and easily. From the list, you can enquire on each transaction to view greater detail, including items purchased.

From Customer Management:

  1. Click the Enquire menu, and select 2. Customer Account Enquiry.
    The Customer Account Enquiry window is displayed.
  2. Click into the Customer field, type part of the Centralised Customer Account name, and press [Tab].

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    The Account Search window is displayed.
  3. Select the account and click Okay.

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    The account details are displayed in the Customer Account Enquiry screen.
  4. Click into the Customer field and press [Enter]. The Please Wait screen is displayed while the data is loaded.

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    The transaction data is displayed.

Customer Account Enquiry screen overview

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a. Customer

Search for an account by name. When an account is selected, the Customer field displays the Account Code.

b. Opening Balance

When checked, the opening balance for the account is displayed in the transaction list.

c. Show All Trans

When ticked, all transactions are displayed.

d. Direct Debit

When ticked, this indicates that Direct Debit is enabled for the account. This is a read only field. To enable Direct Debit, see Set up store for direct debit payments from Centralised Customer Accounts and Set up Centralised Customer Account for Direct Debit.

e. Start date

Select the earliest transaction date to be included in the results.

f. End date

Select the last transaction date to be included in the results.

g. Trans. Type

Select which transaction types to display.

h. Modify

Open the Customer Account Entry window to edit the account details.

i. Next

Display the next page of results.

j. Prev

Display the previous page of results

k. Enquire

Display the Sale Detail Enquiry window, with more information about the transaction.

l. Transfer

Transfer the transaction to another account. If a transaction is accidentally recorded against the wrong account, Head Office can use this feature to transfer it to the correct account. See Transfer a transaction between Centralised Customer Accounts

m. Notes

Add a text note to a sale, which will display on a docket reprinted as an invoice.

n. Interim Statement

Generate an interim statement for the account.

o. Last update from HO

This displays the date and time of the last update from the Head Office, to verify that the data is up to date.

p. Okay

Close the Customer Account Enquiry window.

q. Cancel

Exit the Customer Account Enquiry window.