Note  This article is intended for Minfos Pilot stores only. It contains either new or updated functionality that is not generally available at this time. Please look out for these new features in an upcoming Minfos software release.

Centralised Customer Accounts are shared across all stores and the Head Office in a Multi-Store group. Pharmacy customers with a Centralised Customer Account can use the same account at each store in a Multi-Store group, and have it linked it to their local Customer record at each store. 

Multiple customers, for example a family, can be linked to a single Centralised Customer Account. See Link a Customer to a Centralised Customer Account

Create a new Centralised Customer Account

From the Minfos Launch Pad:

  1. Click the Customers icon.

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    The Customer Management module is displayed.
  2. Click the Customer Accounts icon.


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    The Customer Account Management window is displayed.
  3. Click the Add button.

    Note Head Offices can disable stores from creating Centralised Customer Accounts. If the store is disabled, the Add button will be greyed out and unresponsive. See Set Centralised Customer Account permissions for stores and users

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    The Customer Account Entry window is displayed.

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    Note The Copy Existing Customer button does not appear for Head Office users. Customer records are saved locally at each store, therefore there are no Customer records at Head Office to be copied.
  4. The Account Status is set to Active by default. If required, click the dropdown menu to choose from the three options:


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    • Active: able to make payments and be charged for sales
    • Suspended: able to make payments on its balance, but not able to be charged
    • Inactive: not able to make payments or be charged. Inactive accounts are hidden at the Till, and visible but disabled in Search
  5. Stores can copy details from an existing Customer record:
    1. Click Copy Existing Customer.
      The Customer Search window is displayed.

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    2. Select the Customer record to be copied.
    3. Click Okay. The details for that Customer record are copied to the new account.
  6. Ensure the contact details are filled:
    1. Surname
    2. First Name
    3. Street
    4. Suburb
    5. Home Phone
    6. Work
    7. Mobile
  7. Ensure the desired Master Store is selected.

    The Master Store contact details are included on the Account Statement.
    The Head Office cannot be set as a Master Store for an account.
    By default, if creating the account at:
    1. To choose the Master Store, select the Master Store field, type [0], and press [Tab].
      The Business Search window is displayed.


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    2. Select the store, and click Okay.

  8. If your pharmacy is configured to Charge Interest on overdue amounts and you want this account to incur interest, check the checkbox. If your pharmacy is not configured to charge interest, leave this checkbox unchecked.
  9. If Direct Debit is enabled, and your store is the account's Master store, check the Direct Debit checkbox to enable the following fields:
    1. Account Name
    2. BSB
    3. Account Number

      Note The BSB is validated against a list of Australian banking institutes, and will present a warning if the BSB is not recognised.
  10. Set the Credit Limit.
  11. Set the Disc % if you wish to automatically apply a set discount percentage to items charged to the account. This is only taken into consideration when charging retail items via the Till.
  12. Enter the customer’s email address in the Email statements to field, if they wish to receive statements by email.
  13. Select the Statement Method using the drop down menu.

    Note If you select either Email or Both, there must be a valid email address in the Email statements to field.
  14. If the customer’s Postal Address differs from their residential address:
    1. Select the Use this address checkbox.
    2. Enter the details in the fields:
      • Care of
      • Street
      • Suburb
      • State
      • Post Code
  15. Enter any Till Notes you wish to display at the Till when the account is selected. This will display at any store in the group.
  16. Click Okay to create the Centralised Customer Account.

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